Many of the most successful events have a central element, or as we call it: The Hook.

It's always something very definite that catches people’s attention…..what is central to the hook for both clients and the guests can vary from event to event. Conversations and getting to know our clients and the things that excite them helps us better understand what element(s) to highlight in order to achieve this hook/grab. A great simple and effective example might be a favorite color….


The best way to insure that the personality of a client shines through every aspect of their event is to start with a single element, something unique; that says “this is MY style”. A collection of heirloom broaches, a special flower that evokes childhood memories, a piece of art, a fabric swatch. Whenever possible we try to use the clients own pieces to set the tone and make it really Their Own. Then select the right flowers, linens and tableware to set the stage.